We provide computer services in automation and
we sell and support the software products below.
We are in Quebec city.
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Statgraphics is the software you need to extract info from your numerical data and  even from text data. We are an authorized reseller of Statgraphics. For thirty-five years!

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An application development system based on the APL language

Concise language, ideal for prototyping

Tightly integrated with the O.S.

Very productive debugger

Excellent support

Allows for ergonomic applications

Learn the APL+Win language (requires Edge) here

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Dyalog APL

An APL-based multi-platform development system

For desktop, web or service-oriented architectures

Functional programming features

Frameworks for building web servers or services

Supports APL Source Code Management with GitHub

Parallel execution (APL threads/isolates)

Try Dyalog APL here
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